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Tuition Fees & Policies

Dear Parents and Guardians:
Kindly see below tuition policies/procedures for this academic year. Questions concerning policies and procedures should be addressed to our Administration and Business Office.

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Exit fees include WAEC fees, WASSCE fees, and first transcript fees for the academic year.
*Exit fee $125 is paid only in the first semester.

Tuition Policy & Procedures

Ricks institute school fees are paid in US Dollars. We encourage parents and guardians to make payment in full. Otherwise, school fees payment arrangement can be made in quarters. Each academic year consists of four quarters. All school fees should be paid on or before the deadline indicated on the payment schedule. Each quarter payment should be cleared before students are allowed in class for the next quarter. Each student will be issued a clearance signed by the business office before admission to class.

Students should always carry their clearance and show it to teachers and administrators when asked. If a student does not have his/her clearance, he/she will be asked to leave the class until the clearance can be displayed.

Any alterations on the clearance issued by the business office by a student will lead to their suspension.

There will be absolutely no makeup for students who are absent from class because school fees were not paid on time.

Upon payment of fees, all parents and students should get a paid stamp receipt indicating payment made, and balance if any.

Any school fees that are not paid during the due date schedule will be charged $50.00. All return checks are subject to a $40 charge. Students will not be allowed in school until the late fees and school fees balance are paid in full.

Multi-Child Discount Plan

The multi-child discount begins with the third child of a family enrolled at Ricks Institute for the full academic year.

Boarding Students

The third child discount is $300; the fourth child $500; and the fifth child $700 annually.

Day Students

The multi-child discount for the third child is $200, the fourth child is $400, and the fifth child is $500 annually.

The multi-child discount is not offered to families who already benefit from other tuition assistance programs offered at Ricks Institute. Employees are not eligible for the multi-child discount. Eligible families will receive the multi-child discount on their first tuition installment. Ricks Institute makes the final decisions on family unit eligibility for the multi-purpose discount.

Additional Information

Ricks institute has many expenses of a continuing nature such as faculty salaries and campus maintenance. In order to plan and maintain these services over the entire year, it is essential that the annual income and tuitions be assured. Parents, guardians, and/or sponsors are responsible to pay all fees in spite of subsequent dismissal, expulsion, withdrawal, absence or any other reason of a student.

In the event a student has to withdraw from Ricks Institute, the parent/guardian must notify Ricks Administration in writing.


Students who are absent from school because of unpaid fees will not be allowed makeup for instructional time missed.

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