Student at the front of Ricks Building


Ricks Institute continues to encourage academic success and the overall development of sudents. We are one of the few schools in Liberia that provide an environment which promotes daily the responsible use of technology. We believe that technology enables learning beyond the classroom; therefore, our students are introduced to the technologies that will better prepare them for college and the changing workplace.

In October 2015, Ricks received equipment to setup a computer lab for computer education. The items were shipped to Liberia by donors and friends of Ricks Institute living in the United States. Boakai Mamey, a 2009 graduate of Ricks Institute, created and implimented this project and setup a new computer lab in July 2016. The newly constructed lab is meant to help students and community members attain the skills necessary for working with computers. This computer lab has opened the doors to effective computer education at Ricks.

In 2009, Ricks received 15 Mac computers that were installed with wireless internet access in the schools library. The new Mac computers were a gift from the First Baptist Church of San Angelo, Texas and an anonymous donor from the United States. The computers are currently in use by the students and teachers of Ricks. These computers, with internet access, have open the doors to research, collaboration, and creativity. Many students are now opportuned to develop computer skills which are critical in the 21 century.


AshCon is a proprietary software platform specifically designed for Ricks Institute by students from Asheshi University in Ghana. This e-learning educational resource is the only one in Liberian school, it learning resources for K-4 to 12 grades. All subject matters including Khan Academy are available to supplement learning experience here at Ricks Institute.

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