Volunteering at Ricks

Ricks has depended on volunteers through out its history. Ricks values the many volunteers who have worked with us. Today, especially in the rebuilding process of schools infrastructures and systems destroyed as the result of the more than 14 years civil war, volunteers are needed desperately. We know that volunteers not only provide needed labors to improve the conditions at Ricks, but they return to the home and community energize because of what they have experienced during their service at Ricks. Our volunteers are some of the best advocates and ambassadors for Ricks.

Volunteers are needed with any skills

We have many tasks where volunteers are urgently required. Here are few examples of the ways volunteers can assist us:

  • teaching for a semester/ a year
  • building an adventure playground for children
  • Painting rooms and building
  • improving campus facilities and building
  • repairing plumbing on campus
  • assisting with administrative duties

Volunteer now!

If you feel the need in making a difference through service in the world, Ricks is the place. Ricks provides a excellent venue for relevance service that is making significant difference in the lives of girls and boys in post-war Liberia. If you feel you could bring a group from your church or your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can come for a week, a month or even a year. We have a modest guest quarters on our campus where we can host your team.

Apart from working on a specific tasks at Ricks, there are opportunities for volunteers to work alongside and talk with our students and staff who are gracious in telling their own stories of challenges and possibilities.

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