RIAA-USA Provides Scholarship for 3 Students

The Ricks Institute Alumni Association, USA INC is pleased to establish the Moses Ricks Humanitarian Award in honor of Mr. Moses Ricks. Mr. Moses Ricks, a farmer from Clay Ashland, Liberia, made the exemplary contribution of $500 that enabled the founding of Zodokai Mission, which became Ricks Institute. Mr. Ricks generous contribution helped purchase 1000+ acres of land in Virginia, Liberia where Ricks Institute...

Student at the front of Ricks BuildingRicks Institute challenges each student to reach her or his complete academic potential. Recognizing the importance of developing skills in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, technology and creative expression, the school seeks to provide a variety of learning and living experiences. The school fosters critical and creative thinking and assists students in developing an ability to work with others in a climate of collaboration and cooperation. As a school in Liberia, we follow the instructional guidelines of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Liberia. In all aspect, our students are taught to become a life-long learner with the capability to be successful in a rapidly changing world.

Ricks Institute expects that all students demonstrate initiative in their academic pursuits and that they work productively toward successful completion of assigned work. Students demonstrate this responsibility in the following ways:

  • Coming on school and to class on time
  • Being prepared for all classes by completing assignments and doing required readings
  • Becoming involved in classroom activities and discussions.

Students who need additional assistance from teachers schedule time to meet with teachers individually. As is expected, students arrange these meetings in advance. There are many supports (teachers, counselors, administrators, parents, and friends) available to help students throughout their education at Ricks. However, the most important person is always the student himself/herself. Students accept responsibility for their educational pursuits.

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